When you want to pack yourself with the beautiful carves and mass on your abs, it requires complete dedication, workouts, and guidance. Muscle mass and carve do not happen overnight. Building your body definitely takes more time and lets you conveniently focus on the consistency. Learning the proper form with basic safety rules in bodybuilding is quite important. It helps you to gain the best result without any injury when pushing the heavyweights. Bodybuilding workouts not only make you be fit in your physique but also fit your mind. Some of the basic workouts have been listed below for building your muscle packs. Learning the workout form would definitely give you the right way of building your body muscles.

Back Workouts:

  • Wide Grip Pull-Down:
    Wide grip pull-down workouts allow you to strengthen your shoulders and abs. You need to grip this bar with your shoulder-width palms facing away. Pull the bar towards the top of your chest for 2 seconds. You can control the bar when you are pulling it back then wait for 3 seconds and ascent without any pause.
  • Bent-Over Row:
    Bent-over row workout especially helps you to strengthen your chest muscles and shoulder. For doing this exercise, you need to grab the barbell using an overhand grip. Keep your back straight, then bend the upper body on the floor perpendicularly. Row your weight upwards on the lower part of your chest.
  • Deadlift:
    The deadlift is quite a simple exercise for your shoulders and wrists. All your need to do is simply Squat down with grabbing the barbell in your hands. You can keep chest apart and pull the shoulder back, looking straight ahead, Lift the barbell to your thigh level then pause, and return to start position.

Chest workouts

  • Incline Press:
    Incline press workout is one of the effective chest exercises. Lie back on the bench with an incline angle; then, you need to lift the barbell on shoulder height facing from you.
  • Decline Press:
    Similar to the incline press, this Decline press workout is done on the declined bench. You need to hold your dumbbells on your hand and shoulder apart on the overhand grip. Push the dumbbells to reach your chest and then back to the starting point.
  • Flat bench fly:
    Flat bench fly workout is one of the effective chest workouts to strengthen its muscles. For doing these exercises, you need to lie on the flat bench having 2 dumbbells on your hands facing inwards. Extend your arms in a straight position and then a slight bend in arms. Therefore, while moving from down to a higher position, you would feel the strength in your chest. Flat bench fly workouts could be done as 3 sets of 12 reps.

Shoulder Workout

  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise:
    For doing the Dumbbell lateral raise workout, it is best to choose the moderately light dumbbells. The use of high weight dumbbells could also lead to wear and tear of muscles at the beginning. Hold the dumbbells on the sides with mending your elbow slightly. For doing this workout, you need to stand at your feet, having your shoulder-width apart. Bending your elbows would automatically squeeze the core. Upon raising your arms straight on the sides would be easier for maintaining the elbow position. Reach the shoulder height with your dumbbells, and then you can pause it at the top, then you could lower weight to return to starting position.
  • Resistance Band Raises:
    Resistance band raise is a simple yet effective workout for shoulder and strengthening the core. Stand on the resistance band; then, you need to hold band using your underhand grip. Raise above your shoulder apart and curl the band until your forearm touches the biceps. Do 3 sets of 12 reps. Lower the band with repeating and taking rest after each set.
  • Face Pulls:
    Face pulls an effective way of increasing the strength of the shoulder and muscles at the back. For the Face pulls workouts, you need to attach the handles on the top pulley in the cable machine. The position of holding the cable is important. Kneeling at the front of the machine with 1 foot forward while the other flat on the ground is important. Pulling the handles towards your face with completely drawing hands apart. Upper arms need to be in a flat position. Doing this workout of 3 sets for 12 reps, is appropriate.
  • Barbell Back Squat:
    Barbell back squat works every major muscle in the lower body. Starting with a decent amount of weight on the bar is helpful for your full-body move. For this exercise, you need to stand with your feet and Hold the barbell across the upper back using an overhand grip. Then you need to hug the bar in traps. You can take the weight of the bar then slowly squat down with your head up. Your back should be straight with buns out. You can lower yourself with the hips aligned at your knees and having your legs apart at 90 degrees.
  • Leg Extension:
    Thighs and legs need to be strong for holding more weights in bodybuilding workouts. Leg Extension workout is also most important in bodybuilding workouts. You need to sit on the Leg extension machines having your ankles against the lower pad. Now you can use the quads for pushing forward. It strengthens your legs then it returns to its starting position. Repeat the exercise for 3 sets with 12 reps.
  • Romanian Deadlift:
    Romanian deadlift helps to strengthen your posterior chain muscles. Stand behind the grounded barbell; then, you can bend your knees slightly for grabbing the barbell. Keep your shins, back as well as hips straight is quite a convenient option. Push your hips forward Without bending your back for lifting the bar. Push your hips back into lower of the bar from upright; then, you can bend your knees.

Arm Workout

  • EZ bar curl:
    EZ bar curl workout is the quite easier option for doing the arms workouts. For doing the workout, you need to stand with your feet and shoulder-width apart. Your knees need to be slightly bent. You can conveniently hold the EZ bar with the underhand grip and arms extended. Hold the curl bar up towards the chest then keep the elbow on its sides.
  • Crossbody dumbbell hammer curl:
    Doing the cross-body dumbbell hammer curl would mainly target the biceps and emphasis in forearms. Hold 2 dumbbells at your side, then palm facing towards each other. Curl the weight towards the opposing shoulder at a single time. Then you could return under control towards starting position. Repeat the exercise on the other hand. It creates a balance between upper and lower regions in arms.
  • Tricep rope pushdown:
    Tricep rope pushdown exercise works in the triceps with pulley machine using the cables, rope as well as loaded weight. For doing this exercise, you need to attach the rope handle to a higher pulley bar. Keep the elbow tucked in the side with grabbing handles then tense core. Bring hands down in arms that fully extend, and you could return to your starting position. You need to move only to the forearm.
  • EZ bar skull crusher:
    Upon loading the EZ bar, then you could grab with your hands towards each other. You can conveniently lie back on the bench having arms straight with the perpendicular to the torso. Lower the bar slowly until it is about an inch in the forehead and extend the arm back in starting position.

Weight Training Sets For Bodybuilding

  • Straight Sets
    Performing the number of sets with the same number of repetitions and the same weight. Rest appropriately in between to build up.
  • Drop Sets
    Drop sets help for continuing the exercise with lower weight
  • Super Set
    This strength training moves quickly from exercise to another without taking and break in between. It increases intensity by allowing more work in a short time.
  • Compound Set
    The bodybuilder, performs 2 different exercises in the same muscle group.
  • Pyramid Set
    Pyramid Set increases the intensity gradually with decreasing reps and increasing the weights.
  • Rest-Pause Set
    In the Rest-pause Set, you would be breaking set into mini-sets along with the rest-pause training.
  • Time Under Tension
    Time Under Tension refers to the time under which your muscles strain during every set.
  • Tri-Set/Giant Set
    Tri-set or Giant Set is the 3 different exercises on the same body part performed without any rest.